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Personal Development Courses

Master the power of your mind and be the champion in your life

Learn by Doing

Get access to the best techniques to control your mind and other great secrets.

Silva Method with Richard Siena

The Silva Method

with Richard Siena

Let me be your guide to learning and mastering techniqes to navigate life with grace and ease. This class includes The Silva Life and Intuition System segments.


Dream Secrets

with Richard Siena

Remember, Understand, Control, and Master your Dreams. Discover the meaning of dreams and how to accelerate your life.


Change your Words Change your Brain

by Richard Siena

This FREE segment teaches you how everyday words can help or hurt you.

Silva Method with Richard Siena

History and Articles about Jose Silva and the Silva Method

Learn about the silva Method


Learn to Meditate Book

by Richard Siena

Learn the basics of meditations.



A number of free guided meditations by Richard Siena


Your instructor

Richard Siena

Rich taught himself meditation at an early age. Before people recognized what meditation really was and the benefits it offers. Rich took TM in 1976 and came upon The Silva Method in 1980. He was so inspired by the class that he continued his education with advanced Silva Classes leading him to become a Silva Instructor in 1982. He taught for several years and then went off to use the Silva techniques in his professional life as a Software Developer and Systems Architect. Constantly applying the Silva techniques and learning countless additional techniques, Rich continued to study different meditation practices and philosophies. After raising a family and several successful businesses Rich has returned to teaching the Silva Method. He brings with him the expertise of the Silva Method and his experiences applying them daily in his life. With over 50 years of experience with meditation, Rich has a unique understanding and conveys this to his students.


Our Students

Over 6 million students around the world!

Allison Feehan
The Silva Method is magic!

The class was amazing. Everyone experiences their own magic within.

Rodney Mitchell
A TOTAL paradigm shift!

I used meditation to creativly fix the problems at work, and they loved it.

Greg Ulasiewicz
I steped out of the negativity!

I can give back to the whole of humanity as I manifests for myself.